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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buckalike: A proud stag meets an artificial rival and won't give up until it's crushed

Convinced: The buck stands up to the plastic model, fooled into thinking is a genuine rival for its territory

This deer looked a bit of a fool when he picked a fight with a plastic model he thought was a real-life rival.

The animal attacked after spotting the fake deer apparently trespassing on its territory.

This extraordinary set of pictures, taken by photographer Don Jones, show how the buck fronts up the plastic model.

When the model shows no sign of stepping down, the deer launches at it with his impressive antlers.

I'll show you! The buck goes on to the attack as its rival stands its ground
He doesn't back down until his rival has been floored - but appears quite bemused when its head pops off.

The bizarre spectacle was captured in the Kootenai National Forest in Northwest Montana, America.

Mr Jones snapped the pictures after setting up the 'decoy' deer in the area to see what reaction it would get from the resident bucks.

The 52-year-old, from Troy in Montana, said: 'I knew that once the bucks saw this smaller decoy buck they would not stand for it.

'I've seen varying responses to the decoy. Some simply show their aggression by laying their ears back and walking by without an intention to kill.

'I have also witnessed situations where the buck attacks the decoy only to knock it down and will continue to hit it until it is flush to the ground.

'In this set of pictures the buck actually broke the ear of the decoy, which is made from a very durable plastic.

'I believe that part of what angers the attacking buck is that the model's ears are fixed to be straight out at attention, which isn't a sign of submission.'

One last push: The fake deer apparently trespassing on its territory, is overturned

Finished: The plastic model lies in bits, its head knocked off



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