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Monday, May 9, 2011

Grizzly who decided to keep fit with a few high kicks


Limbering up: The grizzly bear appears to be limbering as he plays in a river in Alaska

Just like Baloo from classic The Jungle Book, this laid back bear seems to be forgetting about his worries and his strifes.

But instead of dancing this five-year-old male grizzly was having fun with aqua-aerobics.

In a hilarious display, the playful mammal is seen apparently limbering up in a river as he stretches his left foot out to the left and his right arm to the right.

High kick: The bear holds his foot in his paw during the gymnastic routine

More funny antics can be seen as the same bear later performs a high-kick.

The animal even laid backwards in the water and appeared to float downstream - apparently without a care in the world.

The moments were all caught on camera by wildlife photographer Buck Shreck, 57, from Livingston, Montanna.

Buck stood in the river just 20 yards from the huge creature as he practised his watery keep-fit routine.

Buck has been photographing Alaskan Grizzlies in the Russian and Kenai Rivers on the Kenai Peninsular, Alaska, for 10 years.

Over his repeated visits, the young male has become so used to Buck he can get super-close to him for perfect pictures.

'He was simply enjoying the life of a bear,' said Buck.

Brave: The photographer stood in the in the river just 20 feet from the playful bear as it went through its routine

And relax: The bear floats downstream apparently without a care in the world

source: dailymail


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