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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Four in ten of us can't stand next door's pet

By Daily Mail Reporter

Man's best friend? Four in ten people said they couldn't stand the pets that their neighbours owned

While we see our pets as part of the family, it seems those living next door seldom take such a kindly view.

In fact, four out of ten homeowners admit to hating their neighbours’ pets, according to a survey.

Dogs barking through the night, cats fouling the lawn and pets digging up gardens are just some of the most common complaints.

Other pet hates are cats’ footprints left on cars, dogs jumping up with muddy paws and cat ‘burglars’ sneaking into houses and stealing food.

The study of 2,000 adults found that a third are tormented by the animals next door while one in ten have warred with a neighbour over their annoying pet.

One in 20 people have moved house because they couldn’t stand living next door to the problem pets any longer.

Understandably, fighting and wailing cats were also unpopular, as were dogs allowed to mess on lawns, while some people just hate the smell of their neighbours’ pets.

Phil Paterson-Fox, of Gocompare.com, which conducted the research, said: ‘It is hard enough to get on with neighbours as it is, without pets making a nuisance of themselves.’

He added: ‘It can sometimes be difficult to approach neighbours about their pets as, in many cases, pet owners treat their pets as another member of the family. In all fairness, many neighbours with pets will be blissfully unaware of the trouble their pets are causing.’



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