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Sunday, January 13, 2013

What a dog's dinner! Watch puppy try (and fail) to eat an orange with hysterical results

By John Hutchinson

Maymo the lemon beagle has delighted his fans with yet another hilarious video that has gone viral.

Following on from 'lemon beagle vs lemon' and 'dog loves toy mouse', both of which had almost a million views on YouTube, the cute pooch faces another tricky challenge as he tries to eat an orange.

And this offering has already been viewed nearly 200,000 times in three days since it was put on the video-sharing site.

Scroll down for video

Maymo sizes up the opposition...

Before leaning in an tackling the fruit

He then goes to get his jaws around the citrus surprise

The start of the clip sees the orange begin on the table with Maymo eying up the best way to tackle the fruit.

He flips it over, reaches up the table, and eventually knocks the citrus from the top and onto the floor.

Then a mad scramble ensues so as to not lose out on this tricky treat as Maymo digs it out from under the shelves where it had nestled.

Pawing at the orange, it seems man's best friend is weighing up his next move.

He proceeds to try and pick it up in his mouth, before it falls from the canine's jaws, and spins out to another area of the property.

The orange flies off the table and underneath some shelving and Maymo desperately scrabbles around for the foe

And there is success as he comes to face to face with the enemy

Maymo paws at the orange as he works out his next move

And of course, Maymo rushes after the slippery customer.

It appears as if the acidic nature of the orange is what keeps making the dog recoil, as he goes forward a number of times to snare his prey, before springing back. It is almost as if there is some kind of force-field around the fruit.

Looking defeated, a tired Maymo lies down a few inches from his play thing, it's cute puppy-dog eyes sure to make the watcher feel sorry for his all-in-vain efforts.

But wait. Up he springs with one final effort to defeat the foe, only to be once again held out by this invisible force-field before crashing into the camera.

The dog's handling skills aren't the best, and the orange skids off to another part of the room

Maymo gives it one last go in attempt to either eat, or destroy the orange

But it's tiring work for the lemon beagle

Almost immediately the video is cut to a shot of the hapless pooch wearing the orange as some kind of hat, his mood clearly calmer.

This dog obviously let his troubles get on top of him.

In a video put online in 2011, Maymo had a similar battle with a lemon, finding the acidity too much to handle as he plundered back and forth trying to eat the fruit, before skulking off.

And last year his owners posted a clip of him getting grief from a wind-up mouse.

Again it appears as if there is a force-field around the pretend rodent as Maymo tries to look his jaws around the plastic.

As the wind runs out on the mouse, the dog settle back down, tired out by his frantic efforts.

Maymo's popularity has risen which has led to him having his own Facebook page, which has over 3,000 likes.

And the final shot shows Maymo appears to have at last found a use for the orange - as a hat!



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