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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Panda-style: Giant bear gets in on the Gangnam craze as he dances on his back legs

-Qin Chuan strikes up pose that looks just like Psy's hit routine
-Playmate LeLe unimpressed and chews bamboo instead

By Steve Robson

It's the most successful Youtube video of all time, now even giant pandas are doing their own version of the famous Gangnam dance.

Zoo keepers watched in amazement as Qin Chuan stood up on his hind legs and assumed a pose with an uncanny resemblance to Psy's smash hit routine.

Unfortunately his playmate LeLe seemed more interested in chewing on bamboo leaves.

Dancing on ice: Qin Chuan jumps up and assumes the now famous Gangnam pose

Cool moves: Qin Chuan gets into the groove at China's Jinbao Amusement Park in Weifang, Shandong

Parodies of the Korean dance have been popping up all over the world as it recently surpassed 1 billion hits.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that those in the animal kingdom are getting in on the act.

The pair of giant pandas, who moved to China's Jinbao Amusement Park in Weifang, Shandong two years ago, have been spotted copying human behaviour before.

At the sight of the first snow of the year, LeLe also jumped up on his hind quarters and started running forward as if looking for a hug.

This time it was Qin Chuan who, after twirling around his enclosure several times, padded off looking fairly pleased with himself.

Spectators were delighted by the show and judging by this performance, Qin Chuan will be expecting the lead bear's role.

Cold feet: Qin Chuan limbers up, right, before taking a twirl during his impromptu routine, left

Qin Chuan pads off after strutting his stuff in front of LeLe looking satisfied with the performance



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