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Friday, May 25, 2012

Hell, it's hot out here, mummy: Wolf cubs more used to minus 60C Arctic wasteland born in middle of European heatwave

By Jamie Mcginnes

These cuddly Artic wolf cubs have got every right to look a bit frosty - after they emerged into the world in the middle of a 27C heatwave.

The three-week-old youngsters - which were born ready to comfortably live in minus 60C temperatures in Alaska - got their first sight of life outside their den at Austria's Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna.

Mum Inja kept a watchful eye over the cute creatures as they played together in front of delighted visitors.

Cuddly: These Arctic wolf cubs emerged into the world in the middle of a 27C heatwave

Zoo director Dagmar Schratter said: 'Inja is very careful and protective and only lets them out when it is quiet at the zoo and she believes it is safe enough to do so.

'You will need a lot of patience if you want to see them.'
A keeper added: 'It is a bit warm for them but they're a very adaptable breed.'

Furry friends: The three-week-old cubs played in front of visitors to Austria's Schönbrunn Zoo

Time to relax: The heat - or perhaps the excitement of having an audience - seems to have tired out this Arctic wolf cub



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