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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heart-warming video proves dogs and cats really CAN get along as pair settle down to share a snooze

By Daily Mail Reporter

Don’t you just love it when animals prove you wrong?

This adorable video shows Anouk, a golden retriever and Maxwell, a British shorthair cat, cosying up to share a catnap together.

Putting paid to the stereotype that cats and dogs never get along the pair, both aged four months, snuggle in and pet each other tenderly.

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Adorable: Anouk drapes a protective paw over Maxwell and treats the kitten to some grooming

Protective Anouk drapes a lazy paw over Maxwell, and affectionately grooms the kitten.

The pup glances up at the camera as though to question what all the fuss is about, before returning to its playmate.

Anouk and Maxwell lean in to rub noses and Maxwell reaches up to paw at the dog’s face, stroking its thick golden fur.

Tender: Maxwell reaches up an affectionate paw to stroke Anouk

Snuggles: The cute pair get ready to settle down for a snooze

The kitty then grabs Maxwell with both paws, bringing the pup’s face lower down onto the bed.

They both lie still for a moment in a heart-warming embrace before Maxwell takes over the maternal role and starts grooming Anouk.

As they nuzzle in together, paws entwined, they seem ready to fall asleep, but still the excitable Anouk continues to wag its tail.

Wiped: They look totally exhausted as they collapse onto the bed

They swap a few loving kisses and then settle down for what looks like the most comfortable nap ever.

Owner Ana Queiroz shared the love by posting the video on YouTube and it has since received 9,141 hits.

Watch the video here:



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