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Monday, July 2, 2012

The force is strong with this cat: Kitten named Anakin who was born without a pelvis or his two hind legs

By Daily Mail Reporter

A young cat named Anakin has a lifetime of challenges facing him ever since he was born without a pelvis and his rear two legs.

But, like the Star Wars character who inspired his name, it would be fair to say that the force is strong with the little kitten as it adapts to a two-legged life.

The male cat was found by Carrie Hawks, a 36-year-old Florida artist who focuses much of her work on fantasy cats.


Adorable: The kitten named Anakin was born without a pelvis or his back to legs and a Florida woman has taken him and cared for him after finding him wandering in the woods

'I have always felt a special connection to cats because of their unique personalities. This helped make them a natural subject choice for me,' she writes on her website.

'My own cats are my inspiration and models for much of my work.'
Now Anakin, who is affectionately called Ani, is one of those subjects.

Ms Hawks first discovered the disabled kitten wandering in the woods near her father's work with a group of other feral cats looking for food.

She eventually caught the cat and is raising it as her own.

She has posted a number of videos and photos of the white and dark charcoal gray cat on Facebook in order to allow animal lovers to track his progress as he grows.

Adapting: The kitten, who is thought to be two-to-three months old, plays and scurries around like any other cat his age, but does so by balancing on only two legs and his tail

Given the way that she found the kitten, his health history is unclear.

Ms Hawks took the tot to a veterinarian and has since posted his x-ray which shows that besides the fact that he is missing his pelvis and his back legs, 'the rest of his insides are all just the way they should be'.

In spite of the obvious difficulties that come with the lack of back legs, the videos show that Anikan is able to scurry around just fine.

He tends to walk with his front feet pushed back so that they are almost in the middle of his torso. If needed, he uses his tail to help balance things out.

All clear: His new owner, who calls herself a fantasy cat artist, got him checked out by a vet and posted his X-rays. The top (which gives a side view) and the bottom one (which gives a view from above the cat) show that his internal organs are all working properly

As for the question of potty training, Ms Hawks writes that he 'uses the litter box just like any other cat. He kind of squats to pee...He does have a harder time pooping and we are giving him warm water enemas if needed to help things along.'

Though she and her vet have decided that the do not need to fit the young kitten- who they estimate is between two and three months old- with a set of wheels to replace his missing legs, they are leaving their options open for the future if the so-called 'miracle cat' needs to get around a bit more easily.

Attention: His new owner says that she is giving the little tyke some solo-attention before introducing him to her old cats and dog

Ms Hawks has set up a Facebook page which accepts donations for his medical bills and Twitter account for the kitten, and since he already has 718 followers, it is clear that he is becoming quite the cool cat.

'Now, he is home getting comfy in his little bathroom and will be there for a while till he is bigger, stronger and ready to be socialized with the other cats and our dog,' she writes on his Facebook page.

'He is such a sweet calm little guy.'




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