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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Even a reptile thinks they're ugly! Hilarious photos show greedy alligator furiously chomping on rubbery CROC clog

By Snejana Farberov

Gator vs Croc: The reptile was spotted munching on the dark-green clog in South Carlina's Huntington Beach State Park

Croc clogs are an acquired taste – that is what a fashion-conscious alligator discovered after chewing on the aesthetically questionable footwear for half-an-hour before giving up on it.

Wildlife photographer Phil Lanoue was taking pictures in the salt marshes of Murrells Inlet in South Carolina’s Huntington Beach State Park when he spotted an unusual scene - an alligator vigorously masticating the aptly named shoe.

According to Lanoue, the reptile spent about 30 minutes trying to grind the rubbery dark-green Croc with its massive choppers before it was forced to admit defeat and spit it out.

Tenacious: The hungry alligator spent about 30 minutes trying to grind the rubbery footwear with its teeth

Feeding frenzy: The scaly predator likely thought the clog was food when it went after it

Lanoue, aged 58, lives near the salt marshes and said that he has often witnessed hungry alligators hunting for prey, but never like this, Metro has reported.

‘I was actually driving across the causeway when I spotted a small group of people all staring down toward the marsh,’ he said.

Lanoue spotted the gator chewing on something and stopped his car to take a closer look.

When one of the bystanders said the animal was munching on a shoe, the photographer grabbed his camera to capture the epic battle of beast vs footwear.

‘Naturally, when we found out it was a Croc shoe, everyone thought it was hilarious,’ he said.

Dining scene: The Croc-chewing episode took place in the salt marshes of Murrells Inlet in South Carolina's Huntington Beach State Park

Snap: The gator eventually admitted defeat after growing frustrated with the rubbery snack

Lanoue, who was just 20 feet away from the surreal scene, said eventually, the hungry reptile grew confused and frustrated by the rubber and left it alone.

‘I’ve seen alligators grab some interesting items before but certainly never anything like this,’ Lanoue said.



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