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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eyes bigger than his belly... Hungry lemur caught wolfing down a pastry

By Alex Ward

When your normal diet is just fruit and insects you can imagine a lemur's excitement when a pastry got thrown its way.

With eyes bigger than his belly it seems this lemur was quick to grab a pastry thrown into its enclosure by a visitor at Zoo Miami.

The lemur managed to swallow the large mouthful before looking out for more.

Lemur lunch: It didn't take long for a tasty treat to be gobbled up by this lemur at Zoo Miami

Hungry for more: The lemur then went looking for more food in the hope there was more pastry to be found

Photographer Alfred Forns from Miami, Florida managed to capture the amusing moment.

He said: ‘The lemurs were doing their usual playing around and I was looking for one to stop so I could capture their expression.

‘All of the sudden a visitor threw a pastry to the lemurs.

‘It wasn't a good idea - and definitely illegal, but the lemurs all ran for it straight away.

‘There was a big scramble for the treat and this one came up with it, could not believe his good luck and swallowed it down!

‘I love photographing lemurs, their expressions and antics are wonderful - they're totally unpredictable and always animated.’

Lemurs - which can jump 15ft - are originally from Madagascar and are known for their bulging eyes and long tails.

Lemurs share some of the social and behavioral characteristics of monkeys and form social groups.

They are also noisy animals, making a bizarre range of sounds from the grunts and swears of brown lemurs to the eerie, wailing call of the indri, which has been likened to a cross between a police siren and the song of a humpback whale.



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