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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The moment a litter of adorable bear cubs do the conga

By Daily Mail Reporter

These musical baby bears might seem ready to cut a rug.

But the conga line of cubs is actually a tactic used for grooming.

Video shot at a bear reservation shows the litter of 10 standing up on their hind legs and one by one filing in line to lick each other's heads.

Scroll down for video

Adorable: Ten bear cubs sway side-to-side as they lick each other's heads in a row

A 50 second clip featured on Petsami has become popular with animal lovers on YouTube.

'Bear cubs make love train', uploaded on Wednesday by the pet-friendly website, has already earned hundreds of views in the few short hours it's been up.

The video shows the bears sitting and standing on their hind legs while resting their front paws on the bear in front.

The line started with one of the cubs being licked on the ear, and it wasn't long before another joined behind him.

Love train: The video starts with one bear tackling another, beginning to groom it, and soon another cub follows suit

Joining in: The line grows to six in mere seconds as more bears catch on

Happy litter: One cub has it good as he enjoys some daytime grooming with no one in front

Time to conga! The bears stand and sit in line perfectly content as viewers photograph them in awe

The parade continues to grow with bears filing in from out of frame until the last two jockey for position, switching back and forth as the line sways side-to-side to a Latin rhythm.

And viewers are lapping up the adorable show of affection.

As user futuremrspk wrote: 'I personally think they're just lining up for "La Cucaracha"'.

Watch video here



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