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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sorry, this is a trunk road! Elephant causes safari park jam by lying down in front of traffic

By Louise Boyle

The recent heatwave all got a bit much for this elephant who decided this was as good a spot as any to take the weight off.

The African elephant, named Five, plonked himself down in front of a queue of traffic at the safari park and stretched out earlier this month.

Bewildered visitors were left with no choice but to wait until nap-time was over and the 11,000lb creature wandered off to find a quieter spot to sleep in the West Midlands.

Ready for my close-up: Five the elephant strikes a pose in front of a queue of traffic at a safari park in the West Midlands

The comic pictures were taken by head keeper Andy Plumb, who rushed to grab his camera when he spotted Five.

He said: 'There was a bit of a traffic jam which lasted a fair amount of time as Five was out for the count and there are rocks along the road to stop drivers leaving the track.

'I think the sun was getting a bit too much for him and he simply had no energy left and just settled down where he was.

'When I arrived there was a queue of traffic forming and it just got bigger - he's a bit of a character so I'm not surprised he decided to crash out on a road.

'When he eventually woke up I don't think he knew what all the fuss was about. There was a big cheer and he just wandered off looking for somewhere else to sleep.

'We all had a good laugh about it for the rest of the day.'

Big laughs: Zoo keeper Andy Plumb managed to capture the comic snaps of Five the elephant at the safari park



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