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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hairier terrier: The dog owners who kit out their pets with colourful wigs

By Daily Mail Reporter

Pretty in pink: A poodle shows off his colourful hairpiece which can cost over £30

This amazing range of doggy wigs for a hairier terrier is designed to give your pooch a new leash of life.

The colourful hairpieces come in all different sizes and slot over the ears for a perfect fitting accessory.

The website Wiggles Dog Wigs is taking a lead in the canine hair market and is fast becoming America's number one wig shop stop.

I got you babe: Perhaps the owners of the two cute pets are fans of the Sixties duo Sony and Cher

Although the fake locks don't come cheap, and can cost more than £30 an item, the sites popularity is growing.

Retired make-up artist Ruth Regina is the mastermind behind the novel idea.

She said: 'I come from eight generations of wig makers and there was really no other job I wanted to do. I've been making dog wigs for friends for about 20 years but I never charged for them.

'Then more and more requests came in and eventually I decided to set up a separate business online. The website isn't very old but we get tons of requests from all over the world.

Big hit with pet owners: The best-selling Lady Ga Ga wig, left, and Ruth's pink-haired terrier Wiggles

The company's biggest bestsellers are the celebrity dog wigs with Lady Ga Ga the biggest hit with owners. They also sell Bob Marley and Sarah Palin hairpieces.

Ruth named her business in Miami, Florida, after her pet Wiggles, a Yorkshire terrier who wears a pink creation.

'I have considered opening a shop for people and dogs but at the moment I'm going to stick with the online business, ' said Ruth.

'I never expected it to be so popular but you can never underestimate how much people love dressing up their dogs.'



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