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Monday, October 10, 2011

It's play time! George the friendly dolphin returns to the Devon coast to frolic with delighted swimmers


Making a splash: Lorraine Wright, 65, stripped off and joined George and two children for some seaside fun

Swimmers in Devon had a flippin’ great time this weekend when George the friendly dolphin showed up for some fun and frolics.

He’s been a regular visitor to the south coast of England over the years and seems to actively seek out the company of humans.

He stayed most of the day by the beach at Beer playing with excited children and adults – he even gave some of them rides.

Welcome visitor: George has previously taken up residence in Bournemouth and Weymouth - but stayed all day yesterday in Beer

Dolphins usually live in groups of two to 25, but George is clearly a loner.

A few years ago he was a regular visitor to Weymouth and Bournemouth, but he’s also been spotted happily splashing around off the coast of Ireland, near the Channel islands and off the coast of France.

George, who measures 10-feet long, seems to be very friendly, but wildlife experts warn that he’s still a strong wild animal capable of causing injury – and is also protected by law, so boats are forbidden to approach him.

Sea-ing is believing: George just loves to frolic with humans

Dorset Marine warden Emma Rance told the Bournemouth Echo: ‘We are lucky to have such amazing animals in our waters.

‘However, boat-users spotting a dolphin should immediately switch off their engine and allow the animal to approach them. If there are three or more boats around a dolphin you should move away.’

Dolphin-lovers can look forward this week to the release of Dolphin Tale, starring Morgan Freeman.

It tells the heart-warming story of Winter the dolphin, who lost the use of her tail – but learned to use a prosthetic one.

Animal magic: George has been spotted near Ireland, France and the Channel Islands

source: dailymail


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