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Monday, May 9, 2011

Red-light district: Meet Roxanne the dove who has built her nest in a traffic light


Spot the birdie? Roxanne the dove looks quite content in her nest in the traffic light fitting

Nestled in a traffic light, this dove has earned the sobriquet Roxanne for building her nest in the red-light district.

Minding her own business this feathered friend has been spotted sleeping at a busy junction near Basildon, Essex.

Some hawk-eyed driver noticed the dove, but from afar most people would struggle to spot the birdie

Room with a view: The tiny bird can be spotted at a bust road junction in Basildon, Essex

The bird, nicknamed Roxanne after the famous Police song, is not proving too much of a distraction for motorists.

And the tiny dove seems happy to snooze - not only while cars go whizzing past beneath her, but also as the stop light illuminates.

And, when she awakes, she can always keep a bird's eye view on the road below.

Minding her own business: The dove seems very happy watching the world below go by

No go: Roxanne is quite comfortable living in the traffic light in Essex

Musician: Sting was touring with his band, The Police, when he came up with the idea to pen a song about a man falling in love with a prostitute called Roxanne

source: dailymail


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