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Monday, May 9, 2011

Black bears found guarding 1,000 marijuana plants in British Columbia (and they were 'paid' in dog food)


Grizzly Guards: Canadian police found ten bears guarding a marijuana plantation last Summer. The bears, who guarded some 1,00 plants, were paid in dog-food

At least the task of high security was something they could bear.

A group of black bears have been found acting as guards over a marijuana plantation in British Columbia.

The ten bears were found last August when police conducted a raid of a pot plantation at Christina Lake in south-eastern British Columbia, Canada.

The property’s owner, Allen Wayne Piche, was allegedly paying the bears in dog food to guard some 1,000 marijuana plants.

Bear Dude': Allen Wayne Piche, on Facebook with one of his guards. The fate of ten bears lies in the balance if it turns out they can't return to the wild

The bears went in to hibernation over the winter. Now, B.C conservation officials are waiting for them to get out of hibernation before deciding their fate.

'They should be coming out any time,' said B.C. Minister of Environment Terry Lake.

'In the interior, this is when we start seeing them. I suspect in Christina Lake it's any day.'

'We are hoping if there is no food they will start foraging naturally -- if they don't, we will have to have a plan of action,' he added.

The bears, which had lost their natural instincts to be fearful of humans, could face a death sentence.

The animals had become so docile and friendly that one even climbed atop a police cruiser during the August raid, officials said. The Mounties described them as tame and playful.

source: dailymail


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