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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Very happy feet: Meet Cookie the penguin, the tiny internet star


Happiest feet: Cookie the penguin launches into high-pitched giggles when his handler tickles him at Cincinnati Zoo

It turns out humans aren't the only ones who are ticklish - penguins are, too.

It might not be one of the greatest scientific discoveries, but it certainly makes for a cute YouTube video.

A tiny penguin called Cookie has become the internet's latest star after he has a fit of high-pitched giggles when his handler tickles him at Cincinnati Zoo.

Me please! Despite his bandaged foot, little Cookie speeds over to his handler when he realises what's in store...

More than 594,000 viewers have watched as the little bird puts Happy Feet's Mumble to shame with a foot-tapping, wing-waving performance to be proud of.
The mascot of Cincinnati Zoo's birdhouse could melt even the hardest of hearts with his performance, which has gone viral on YouTube.

He's a Little Penguin, a breed which grows no bigger than 12 to 13 inches tall.
At the start of the clip Cookie cuts a sorry figure as he waddles awkwardly across the floor with a bandaged foot.

Left a bit, right a bit: Cookie leans forward to let his handler tickle him just behind his head...

...and becomes even more affectionate when he starts tickling his belly

New kid on the block: Cookie the penguin puts Happy Feet's Mumble to shame with his tap-dancing display when his handle tickles him

His wings flap madly and he chases himself round and round in circles with a very human mixture of delight and annoyance.

Cookie's whole body vibrates as he almost purrs with delight - to the satisfaction of the filmmaker, who says she's pleased to have 'finally got that on tape.'

And if his job as mascot ever comes to an end, Cookie is sure to make a fine extra for any Happy Feet sequel.

Cookie the Little Penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo

source: dailymail


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