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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Having a muddy good time: Orphaned elephants frolic in filth


Muddy waters: The orphaned elephants play in a muddy pool at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya

These orphaned baby elephants decided some mud treatment was just the thing to keep cool in the baking heat.

They could barely hide their excitement as they bundled towards the rust-coloured pond before diving in and playfully giving each other a soaking.

Frolicking in the water at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya, the elephants play just like one big happy family.

Amateur photographer Alexey Tishchenko, 40, captured the heart-warming moment while on a trip to the capital Nairobi.

He said: 'There are so many playful baby elephants growing up at the park - all orphans taken in from different parts of Kenya.

Happy families: The wildlife reserve is filled with orphaned elephants taken from all over Kenya

'The orphanage is only opened to visitors for an hour a day but it's well worth it because the little ones are so much fun.

'First of all they get fed with bottles of milk then after lunch it's the time to play.

'It's a real pleasure to see them rolling about in the muddy water playfully fighting and butting each other - they look so happy.

'It was a really touching moment to be able to take photos of such loving animals.'

Touching moment: Amateur photographer Alexey Tischenko said that the elephants looked happy at the park despite their tragic start in life

source: dailymail


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