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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ducking the limelight: The newborn bird who refused to face the camera for a family photo

Odd one out: Just as the photo was about to be taken, the very individual duck turned his back on the camera

They’re only three days old, but it’s not hard to spot who’s going to be the troublemaker.

As these seven fluffy ducklings lined up on a log to get a good look at the big world facing them, it seemed like an ideal opportunity for a family photo.

Except that one member of the brood took it as a moment to express his individuality – and turned his back to the camera.

He then stood up and accidentally caused the whole brood to fall off their perch at Pennywell Farm, near Buckfastleigh, Devon.

Farmer Chris Murray, 60, said: ‘The ducklings had been incubated and this was their first outing after they hatched three days ago.

‘The weather was so glorious we thought it would be lovely for them to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

‘Ducklings are wonderful, inquisitive animals and they love to walk in a line.

Duckling dominoes: The inquisitive bird caused his newborn siblings to topple off after moving on the branch

‘They all followed each other and walked across the log to sit there and get a better vantage point, as ducklings like to be able to survey their surroundings.

‘It was so funny as they were all facing the same way staring at the camera out of curiosity, apart from one who sat with his back to it, before deciding to stand up and make all the others tumble off like dominos.’

source: dailymail


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