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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa paws, claws and even hooves! Cute dogs, lizards and horses dress up just like Father Christmas (but they don't exactly seem thrilled)

By Becky Evans

Forget Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, dogs dressed as Father Christmas are just as cute.

And who needs Little Donkey, when you have the Holiday Horse.

As these adorable pictures show, cats and dogs, lizards, rabbits, horses and even goats can get just as festive as their owners.

All dressed up: But he doesn't look a happy bunny does he - despite the time of year?

Christmas helper: This pampered pooch looks happy to be dressed as Santa

Not so merry: This little dog has donned a Christmas hat but does not look like he is in the festive spirit

Holiday cheer: This cheeky poodle is certainly enjoying the Christmas gear

Fashion fur-ward: These dogs have gone to town with their Christmas outfits

The animals have been given a Yuletide makeover - although some do not seem thrilled with the transformation.

A French bulldog looks forlorn in its Christmas outfit, while another dog looks suspiciously at the camera from under its over sized Santa hat.

A horse also seems bemused as he is forced to embrace the festivities in some seasonal headwear.

Although the most fashion fur-wood dogs seem to enjoy the attention.

Festive feline: This cat puts its feet up over Christmas

Spot the difference: This unhappy looking cat gets lost among the cuddly toys

Bunny love: These cute rabbits pose in their Christmas capes

Unusual gift: A pair of reptiles pose in bonnets under the Christmas tree



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