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Monday, December 3, 2012

Ata boy! Meet Charlie the boxer dog with a thousand hilarious faces who LOVES to play fetch

By Nina Golgowski

Some of the greatest pleasures in life can often be the simplest.

As easily seen in Charlie the dog's case, they can come in the form of a small, orange ball.

Photographed leaping, bounding, but most notably gurning with dopey pleasure, this two-year-old boxer's hilarious enthusiasm to catch his slippery chew toy is remarkably captured in his larger-than-life face.

Gotta go! Charlie, the pet boxer dog, shows off one of his simplest delights in life in the form of a fast-moving ball

Quite a picture: Making every amount of space in his wide mouth available to snatch up his prize, Charlie's hilarious expression is captured larger than life on a Washington state beach

Number one pastime: The fast-moving boxer is said to enjoy nothing better than playing fetch

Tearing across a Washington state beach wearing his heart on his collar, Charlie's floppy jowls exposing chomping teeth make him at times appear as a gravity-defying extra-terrestrial predator.

In other moments, he's back to the squishy-faced pup with a harmless, demeanour - so long as you finally throw that bright orange ball.

'Charlie is a ball fanatic. If you offer him a treat or a ball he goes for the ball.
That is his best reward,' his owner and professional photographer Rick Ehrenberg said of his best friend in Ocean Shores.

Chasing his toy like a well-oiled machine the adorable gold and white dog is absolutely seen as though he could love, think and dream about nothing better.

No escape: Pressing every ounce of his athletic body into the ball's capture, Charlie is seen digging up the beach in Ocean Shores

Chomp! With gaping jaws and chomping teeth, the dog promises no escape for his favourite toy

Ball vs Predator: Defying gravity in other pictures, Charlie resembles an extra-terrestrial predator to anyone and anything round and fast moving

Frequently captured with all outstretched toes flying through the air, the dog's graceful and athletic body is sky-high while lunging for his target.

Once it's captured, he slinks across the sand like a proud lion, his delight still easily captured in his twinkling eyes and pointed - albeit stubby - tail.

On the ready: Charlie's floppy jowls and panting tongue contrast his sharp eyes and ready paws as he waits for the next throw

Bullet: Once the ball is thrown he's seen off like a bullet with no potential distraction affecting him

Job well done: Charlie slinks like a proud lion with his successful capture visible between his smiling jaws



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