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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Would you bear-lieve it? Huge grizzly swims across a lake looking for food only to be scared off by two pint-sized guard dogs

By Daily Mail Reporter

This is one huge grizzly intruder, but his plan to hijack a boat and search for food didn't include two very loyal, vociferous guard dogs.

The boat owner's dogs leapt into action to protect the boat after they spotted the brown bear trying to hop on board.

The giant beast had swum across the lake and was trying to get into the vessel to see if any food had been left by the fisherman.

Bear faced cheek: The bear surfaces in Kurile Lake, Russia, after swimming across to the wooden jetty to look for food, but the boat's two guard dogs immediately appear to check out the intruder

Monster from the deep: The bear rises up out of the water as it finds a shallower part of the lake and looks as though it is about to board the small boat moored at the jetty

But the labrador and akita formed a formidable double team and, without any thought of their own safety, barked at the bear until he swam off.

Photographer Sergey Gorskov, 46, captured the extraordinary scene at a fishing camp on the shore of Kurile Lake, in Kamchatka, Russia.

Gorskov, from Moscow, said: 'This fishing camp is brown bear territory and and dogs live there in the summer to guard territory. Bears like to investigate the boats.

They used to be made from rubber but that was changed after bears would pop them with their razor sharp claws.

'The bears are the boss here and there is constant conflict with the guard dogs.'

Russia has the largest brown bear population in the world, and the grizzly is one of the most widespread, well-known and popular animals in the country.

Why the big pause? The bear eyes up the dogs and sees that they mean business before sliding back into the water and swimming away

With more than 100,000 brown bears in existence, Russia has as many brown bears as the rest of the other countries combined.

Five subspecies of brown bear are found throughout Russia, with the European Region north-west of Russia, Kamchatka peninsula and the coastal regions of the Pacific having the highest density of these animals.

The Grizzly bear is not a vicious animal and prefers in the main to stay out of the way of humans, but when an attack occurs it can be lethal, as bears are so huge and their claws so sharp.

While many dogs will instinctively harass, or at least annoy, grizzly bears they come across, the size of this one might have put off many. But it looks as though these two have no fear at all.



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