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Thursday, July 12, 2012

He ain't heavy, he's my step-brother! Kitten pushes tiny orphan in a trolley after its mother was killed crossing a road

•Joey the kitten was orphaned at two-weeks-old after his mother was killed
•He's been fostered for a few weeks while he gets bigger
•Then he's looking for a new home through Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre

By Alex Ward

Not a chore: Chesney (left) has been pushing around his new found friend Joey (right) after the kitten was orphaned at just two-weeks-old

Orphaned at just two-weeks-old, Joey the kitten is shopping for a new home and his new found friend Chesney is helping him on his way

Joey’s mother was killed crossing the road near Exeter, Devon leaving Joey homeless until he found temporary refuge at a foster home.

But with three six-week-old kittens already at the house there’s not enough room for little Joey to stay too long so he’s on the lookout for a new home just like Chesney through Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre.

Shopping for a home: Joey and Chesney are at a cat adoption centre looking for a home so they don't spend kittenhood in a pen

The pair of pussy cats have been having fun getting to know each other, playing in a toy shopping trolley at the centre.

The centre has lots of kittens like Joey who shouldn’t spend kittenhood in a pen.
Their website says: 'They are all looking for loving safe homes to go to as soon as possible.

'They really want to experience their first adventure in a nice garden, to play in the grass and look at all the wonderful things that summer brings.'

They find homes for 700-800 cats a year as one of the UK’s leading feline welfare charities.

Growing up fast: Joey will stay with his foster mother until he's big enough to leave her for a new home



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