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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two lovestruck giraffes become parents for the first time (and labour wasn't a tall order for mum Geraldine who gave birth in just two hours!)

By Emily Allen

A mother's love: Baby George gets a tender lick and a gentle nuzzle from his proud mum at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol

Two love-struck giraffes have become parents for the first time.

After a 15-month pregnancy, George was born on Friday night at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol.

Proud mother Genevieve was in labour for just two hours and father Gerald watched as his son was born - just in time for Father's Day.

Standing proud: Pint-sized new addition George smiles for the camera at Noah's Ark Farm in Bristol

Gorgeous George: The baby giraffe sticks close to his mum

Lanky bachelor Gerald got together with Genevieve two years ago after a four-year international hunt for a mate.

He had previously befriended an inquisitive goat called Eddie who shared his field, before Genevieve arrived from Eastern Europe in 2010.

The 16ft male could not believe his luck and quickly became smitten with his new 12ft girlfriend, with the pair seen strolling around their field together, much to the delight of zoo visitors.

Tiddler: George has been feeding well since he was born this weekend following his parents two-year romance

Giraffe keeper Emma Green said: 'I’m thrilled to say that the happy family are doing very well.

'Little George seems very healthy and relaxed, and has been feeding well from mum Genny over the weekend.

'He has his mum’s markings, and seems to have inherited her good looks too.

Family snap: George's father Gerald the giraffe (left) and his mother Genevieve (right) fuss over the newborn at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, Bristol

Lovestruck: Gerald and Genny are over the moon with their newborn who has his mother's markings

'We’re delighted for Gerald and Genny and look forward to watching George’s development over the coming months.'

Mother and baby will now be allowed their own space for a few months while George grows stronger.

They will be separated by a fence from Gerald, who will still be able to lean over to see and sniff his family each day.



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