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Saturday, June 16, 2012

They don’t ALWAYS land on their feet... Hilarious YouTube clip of cats after anaesthetic becomes instant hit

By Richard Hartley-parkinson

The pair of cats struggle to cope with the vinyl floor and the anaesthetics as they aim towards their food

This pair of cats look as though they have just stumbled home from their pub and have got a case of the midnight munchies.

But in fact, they have both just arrived home from the vets and probably want something to eat because they've been deprived of food before their operations.

A video of them has been put onto YouTube and has become an instant hit with nearly 800,000 views in just one week.

It's not clear why the cats had been anaesthetised, but it is hoped that it was during a visit to the vets

The lighter-coloured cat appears to have mastered walking again quicker than the dark one, even if it has ended up standing in its own bowl

It shows them fumbling through the door, their legs flailing everywhere, but all the time with their eyes on the goal - their bowls of food.

The darker of the two cats seems even more unsteady on his feet than his lighter-coloured companion who makes it to his food much more quickly.

The blacker cat falls upside down and really struggles to walk in a straight line, eventually resigning himself to his fate and just pawing the food closer to him.

Although the lighter cat seems to have a better grasp at walking, it does still end up with both paws in the food as he eats it.

Looking like he's drunk, the mostly-black cat falls backwards

Resigned to the fact he just can't walk in a straight line, the blacker cat lies down and drags his food towards him

Finally they get to tuck into their food, even if it's not as gracefully as most cats like to be



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