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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Surely it can't be that bad in Number 10: Larry the cat lies down in front of Downing Street traffic


It is often said that pets bear a striking resemblance to their masters.

And, just like David Cameron, it seems that Larry the Downing Street cat is partial to a little ‘chillax’ here and there.

The five-year-old tabby, a rescue cat from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, was spotted taking time off from his mousing duties yesterday to enjoy the morning sun outside No 10.

Cat nap: Larry the Downing Street Cat takes a nap in the road outside No10 this morning

Unfortunately his favoured spot – the middle of the road – proved something of a headache for ministers arriving for a Cabinet meeting.

In a rude awakening, Larry found himself hoisted up by a police protection officer and dumped unceremoniously by No 11, where the Camerons live.

The slightly disgruntled feline then sauntered off in search of a safer spot to resume his slumber.

The basking pet is treated to an affectionate tummy stroke by a passing officer

Larry was given the title of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet and chosen by Downing Street staff to tackle a growing rat problem last year.

But since his arrival he appears to lack the killer instinct and instead of boasting an impressive kill ratio Larry has become better known for his sleeping.

Which draws some unfortunate comparisons with the more famous inhabitant of number 10, David Cameron, who has attracted criticism for his own fondness for 'chillaxing'
following claims in a biography that he spends weekends at Chequers singing karaoke, playing tennis against a machine dubbed ‘The Clegger’ and downing several glasses of wine with lunch.

Precarious: Worried about Larry's welfare, the armed officer tries to move him to a safer spot

The officer finally prizes Larry from the asphalt and plops him down outside the door to Number 10



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