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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Can't you see I'm trying to sleep? Hilarious video of brown and white kitten trying to wake dozing tabby

By Chris Parsons

Wake up! The kitten begins by having a playful swipe at its sleeping companion's head while it dozes on a table

Becoming a YouTube sensation is something many would claim to be able to do with their eyes closed, but this adorable kitten has managed just that.

The tiny tabby is featured in a short video sleeping on a table, much to the annoyance of a feline friend trying to wake it up for a play.

But despite the brown and white kitten nibbling on its pal's ear, having a playful swipe at its head and trying to catch its tail, the dozing kitten refuses to be roused from its deep slumber.

Scroll down for video

Let sleeping cats lie: When the dozing kitten fails to give any reaction, its friend tries getting its attention from another angle

Not interested: The tabby kitten continues to show sleepy indifference even as its friend nibbles one of its paws

The hilarious minute-long video has been viewed almost 900,000 times, despite only being uploaded less than three weeks ago.

At one point the brown and white cat becomes so desperate to wake its friend, it lies on its back and ends up falling head first off the table.

The end of the YouTube video shows that there is nothing wrong with the tabby kitten, as the two felines are filmed having a playful scrap.

Persistent: The brown and white kitten seems determined to wake its sleeping buddy, this time nudging his nose with a paw

Taking a tumble: The brown and white kitten gets a little carried away trying to wake its friend and even falls down the side of a table

Friends after all: The tabby kitten does eventually muster the energy to wake up and play with its companion



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