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Monday, June 25, 2012

Bears caught on camera fighting on suburban lawn... but residents say they LIKE the animals because 'it's like living in a zoo'

By Daily Mail Reporter

..Two black bears have been caught on camera wrestling on the front lawn of a suburban home in Florida.

But residents seem unperturbed by the dangerous animals, and say they will not even consider moving away because of them.

In the video, the bears appear to be play-fighting on the ground and later while standing up.

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Fighting: Two bears were filmed wrestling on the front lawn of a suburban home in Florida

Grappling: The bears tussled aggressively for several minutes as they were filmed by Andrea Barnes

The fight spills over into nearby bushes and ends about two minutes later with both bears leaving in separate directions.

The bears were on Tammy Snell's lawn - but the Longwood resident insists that bears are just part of the scenery for the area.

She told the Orlando Sentinel that residents do not want to relocate the bears.

'We moved into their area,' she said. 'It's really like living in a zoo.'

Violent: But it was unclear whether the bears were wrestling in anger or just playfighting with each other

Common sight: But residents say the bears' presence is more of an attraction than a threat to them

Ms Snell added: 'They don't seem mean but we know they're not pets either. It's a part of living where we live.'

The amazing video was captured by Andrea Barnes, who lives across the street from Ms Snell.

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