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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Down boy, down! Hilarious pictures of the giant dogs that tower over their owners

By Leon Watson

Who's the master in this relationship then?

With some standing nearly 6ft tall, you might think its the pets who are taking the lead in these incredible pictures.

Not only do the oversized dogs tower over their owners, they have wagging tongues as big as human heads.

Needs a cuddle: Taken in March last year, this picture shows big fluffy pet that is looking for love

Some are fluffy, some are grizzly, but all are far, far bigger than the average mutt.

This collection was put together using photos contributed by pet owners around the world.

Would you like a cuddle?

It mutt be love: A pet owner with his arms round a massive, super-fluffy dog

Man's best friend: These two are big chums

Super-cuddly: The owner in this picture has quite a grin. Not surprising really, his dog is adorable

Tongue out: Dwarfing its owner, this big pet is quite a sight in front of the camera

Grizzly: A dog takes a seat alongside its owner. It's not easy carrying around all that weight all day

Huge: This friendly wolf-like beast is way bigger than its owner



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