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Thursday, November 17, 2011

'Say cheese! That's purr-fect': The cutest pictures you will see all week (at least)

By Daily Mail Reporter

Papped! Two Maine Coon kittens play with a vintage camera and seem remarkably tech-savvy at just eight weeks old

They say that you should never work with children or animals.

But photographer Mark Taylor defies that saying - with adorable results.

Following in the footsteps of his late mother Jane Burton, Mark produces enchanting images of animals playing with others or just amusing themselves.

Balancing act: This cat seems happy to be used as gym equipment by a tiny duckling

An odd couple: But Bruce the beagle pup seems to have an understanding with this jackdaw

From tiny kittens and dogs, to bouncing bunnies and guinea pigs, Mark captures unique shots which show the lighter side of nature.

That's a lot harder to achieve than the effortlessly charming finished product might suggest.

Mark commented: 'It ranges from quite easy - I would never describe it as very easy - to extremely difficult.

'There are some occasions where I get nothing because the animal just doesn't like being in the studio.'

Calm down! The kitten looks unhappy with the attention it gets from a puppy Cavapoo

Not a fair fight: But the kitten is determined to have it out with a huge German Shepherd

Cosy: Peter the rabbit snuggles up happily to his feline friend in this amazing Mark Taylor photo

Round in circles: Riley is intent on chasing his own tail - but a three-month-old puppy can probably be forgiven

And apparently cats, rather than any bigger or more violent animals, make the most difficult subjects.

'Cats tend to be more difficult then dogs because they are more wary. A cat that is frightened can only look frightened.'

He insisted: 'It is important to understand this is not an easy job. It might seem like a nice cushty number but it's a lot of hard work.'

Close: This double-act of baby bunnies is certainly not camera-shy

Fighting fit: What the kitten lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in energy

Tumbling: Even tiny baby kittens can be amazingly athletic, as this picture shows



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