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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Make a sharp exit: House cat gets stuck 20ft up a giant cactus for THREE days before climbing back down

By Daily Mail Reporter

Happy place: The cat was stuck for at least three days before it decided to come back down

Most cat owners will know how much their pet likes to explore.

But this brave feline probably took it a step too far when it ended up stuck on top of a giant cactus for at least three days without food or water.

Whether it was out of fear or curiosity, no one will ever know but the black and brown house cat managed to climb 20ft up.

High up: The cat was 20ft up and appeared quite calm throughout its ordeal near the Salt River in Arizona

Worried residents and hikers near the Salt River in Arizona spent days checking up on it and working out how they might try to get it down.

One resident JD Robbins said the cat might have been chased up the cactus by a coyote. But despite being stuck for so long, it appeared calm throughout the ordeal.

Some experts claimed it would be far too dangerous to try to rescue it - while firefighters said it would eventually come down on its own.

And they were right because the moggy suddenly had a change of heart and scurried back down while being filmed by Fox9 TV crews.

Apart from a few sore paws, the cat appeared in good health.

Sharp exit: The black and brown house cat eventually decided it wanted to come down

Quick exit: Firefighters said cats in similar positions will always come down when they are ready to

Gently does it: After a difficult start, the cat eventually gets the hang of it

Safe at last: A few pricks along the way but this house cat managed to get down in relatively good health

Cat Stuck on Cactus Climbs Down: MyFoxPHOENIX.com



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