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Monday, November 21, 2011

Lily the flying dog, who just can't resist chasing mountain bikes in the hills

By Mike O'brien

She flies through the air at the speed of light and loves nothing better than chasing bikes.

Lily, a young terrier, is the star of a new video by photographer and outdoor enthusiast Ross Downard.

Ross, 31, from Park City, Utah, brought Lily along for a ride at a trailside bike park in the scenic Wasatch hills.

Terrier gone wild: Lily shows she can keep up with the best of them

Here I come: No fear of heights for this terrific terrier

The mountain bike fanatic, who runs action sports clothing company MtnRanks.com, filmed Lily with a couple of ProGos and neatly placed cameras around the park.

The video is three minutes 28 seconds long and has received more than 183,000 views since it was uploaded on the biking website pinkbike.com 10 days ago.

The video begins with Ross pulling up in his truck at the bike trail's parking lot.

I'm still there: Lily stays within inches of the back wheel

Flying high: Lily negotiates another bump on the track in the Utah hills

Lily enthusiastically jumping from the front seat.

She gets increasingly excited as the bike is walked up the descent to the strains of the Clancy Brothers singing Mountain Dew.

They reach the top, the music changes to The Naked and Famous's track Young Blood, Ross flies off a ramp and let the great chase begin.

Over the ramp and wheeeee! Little Lily mimics the biker's tackling of the course

Let's get going: Ross and Lily at the start of the video

Lily runs at great speed, all the while staying within inches of the mountain bike.
She surfed the humps and bumps with great ease.

The only thing she didn't do was go up the ride wall.
But then, why would she?

Now watch the video:



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