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Friday, October 21, 2011

So doggone special: The moment a canine ruined a marriage proposal

By Daily Mail Reporter

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Big moment: The man reaches into his pocket for the engagement ring as he prepares to pop the question

The dog may be man’s best friend, but one canine couldn't resist the urge to thwart a man’s marriage proposal.

He apparently chose a hike in the woods for the big moment, which he was planning to document on video to savour the moment.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, shows him setting up the camera while on a hike with his girlfriend and a dog.

The girlfriend is seen holding the animal as her beau gets himself ready.

But as he pops the question, the shocked bride-to-be releases the chocolate Labrador, sending it into a frenzy around the couple.

Shock: Caught up in the moment, the woman releases the dog

As the man professes his love amid the peaceful woodland setting, the dog loses interest and hurtles toward the camera.

Did she say yes? One can’t be sure - but the woman is seen taking her boyfriend’s hand just before the dog knocks the camera over.

Nerves: The dog walks around the couple in a frenzy as the man professes his love

The video has more than 15,000 hits on YouTube – and counting – and users on the video sharing site can’t resist weighing in.

One commenter said: 'Maybe the dog is trying to tell the man DON'T DO IT'.

Look out: The dog then targets the camera as his owners attend to more pressing matters

Did she say yes? The dog takes centre stage in the video just before knocking the camera over



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