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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Divorcee, 53, in bid to save her Turkish toyboy from deportation after he outstayed his visa

Lover Cihat Haciveliogullari, 19, works in a kebab shop
He was snatched by officials six weeks ago
Visa ran out 12 months ago

By Leon Watson

Campaign: Julie Haycocks is fighting the removal of her lover Cihat Haciveliogullari, or Alex, after he stayed in Britain illegally

A divorcee has launched a one woman crusade to stop her Turkish toyboy being deported - despite him staying in Britain illegally.

Julie Haycocks, 53, was devastated when her 19-year-old partner Cihat Haciveliogullari, known locally as Alex, was snatched from his workplace six weeks ago.

The kebab shop worker, from Shropshire, is currently being held at the Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre in Scotland after his permission to stay in the country expired.

Facing deportation: Cihat Haciveliogullari was taken to Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre in Scotland

Julie, who lives in a semi-detached cottage with her teenage lover, is now campaigning to keep him in the country.

She said: 'When I got divorced I thought I would never meet anyone nice again. But then Alex came and I have never been happier.'

Julie claims it was love at first sight when the couple met at the Tesco where she was working on the checkouts three years ago.

She said: 'He was only 17 but we had a lot in common and we hit is off immediately.

'We spent all our time together and it was only three months before he moved in. He proposed after six months but silly me told him that we had plenty of time.

'If I only knew what was going to happen I would have said yes. We were due to get married this Christmas but that is all going to have to wait now.'

Loves children: Cihat, known as Alex, works for his uncle in a kebab house

The self-employed dog walker already has three grown up children Richard, 30, William, 28, and Eddie, 26, but admitted trying for a baby with Alex.

She said: 'Alex loves children and we both love babies. Unfortunately when we started trying I went to the doctor and the nurse laughed and said "you might look young Julie but I'm afraid it's too late for all that".

'Luckily caring Alex said he didn't mind and that he didn't get with me to have children, he loved me for me.

'We are the odd couple of the village because there is a big age gap, but I like younger people and he prefers older so we are perfect for each other.'

Julie has started a petition called 'Right to Remain for Alex' on Facebook and is in constant contact with him while he awaits his fate.

His case has now been referred to the immigration team in the West Midlands who will decide his fate in the next four weeks.

Alex, who works for his uncle in Five Star Kebab House, in Whitchurch, said: 'My family were always very judgmental about mine and Julie's relationship, but I knew that our love was very real.

'We argued about it a lot but the bottom line is that we were meant to be together and I don't want anyone my own age.'



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