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Monday, October 10, 2011

Man, that's a swinging party: Two super-cute bears hang out on a hammock


Let's try it out: They jump on, not knowing what's going to come next

These super-cute bear cubs just love hanging out.

Caught on camera swinging on a hammock, they make an adorable pair.

Unfortunately, the furry wild animals are also quite hapless - they take a tumble not once, but twice.

Plain sailing: Everything is ok for the bears so far, but the hammock is beginning to swing...

Oh no! Disaster has struck, one of them tumbles off, while the other hangs on for dear life

Footage of the bears was taken by a New Jersey woman in her garden. Incredibly, it was the second time bears have have come to play.

In 2006 she took a similar video showing a mother and her cubs. That time the mother showed her children how to do it though, managing to hang without falling off.

It's all over! Both bears end up on the ground after falling off the hammock

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source: dailymail


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