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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Foal electrocuted by heartless cable thieves who tested live wires on it


Burnt to death: Callous copper cable thieves cut down a pylon leaving live wires exposed before using a six month old foal as a 'tester' to check if electricity was still moving through the line (file picture)

Copper cable thieves who cut down a pylon leaving live wires exposed may have used a foal as a 'tester' to check if electricity was still moving through the line.

The burnt remains of the six-month old animal were discovered in its field near Sittingbourne, Kent the next day by its owner who is in his eighties.

After the incident, around 3,000 homes were plunged into darkness as the criminals took stole the copper cabling cutting the electricity supply.

Cable thefts are on the rise in recent years due to the rising value of copper and other metals. Nick Rogers, head of health and safety at UK Power Networks, said: 'These are not victimless crimes'

One resident told the Daily Telegraph : 'Almost all of us had no electricity on the night in question, but when we heard about the foal being burned alive everyone was horrified.
'Most of us believe the people responsible used the foal to test whether the wires were still live - either by putting it on the cable or tempting it over with food.'

The owner of the field where the foal was found said the animal was horrifically burnt.

The thieves had climbed 18 metres before using cutting equipment on the cable before stealing it.

British Transport Police said that cable thefts have cost £43million in the past three years.

Last week thousands of commuters were left stranded in London after a massive cable theft sparked a track fire.

source: dailymail


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