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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back from the dead and full of life: Dog saved by mouth-to-snout after being stuck in burning home is back barking and wagging his tail thanks to rema

By Daily Mail Reporter

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Well again: Coda the dog has made a full recovery after he was saved by mouth-to-snout resuscitation

Back wagging his tail and barking happily again, this is the dog that was incredibly saved by 'mouth-to-snout' after he became trapped in a burning house.

Firefighters in Wisconsin gave went beyond the call of duty to give the kiss of life to Labrador Coda, after rescuing the dog from the burning house .

The pup, who had become trapped on the second floor of a home when the fire broke out has now made a full recovery.

Saviour: Firefighter Jamie Giese (left) has told how he improvised using techniques he has only seen on TV to carry out assisted breathing on Coda

The remarkable dog had stopped breathing, but was saved after his mouth-to-snout resuscitation

Now the brave fireman has explained how he improvised using techniques he has 'only seen on TV' to revive the dog.

Appearing on the Today show, firefighter Jamie Giese said that rescuers had found Coda in the very last room they searched, where the fire had started.

He said: 'We thought the dog was dead. Then when they brought the dog down we could tell he was trying to breathe.'

Although he didn't know exactly what to do Giese told the other firefighter 'we gotta work this dog'.

Happy again: Coda gets affectionate with owner Kim Carlson after making incredible recovery

'We laid him down in the front yard and assisted his breathing.

'We had no tools handy so it was mouth to snout.

Giese admitted he had never been trained in that. He told Today: 'I've seen it on TV and pictures in newspapers.'

The family's 17-year-old son Dwight Brochardt was out walking one of their dogs last Tuesday when he returned to clouds of smoke.

Knowing that both his father, Todd Borchardt and his father's fiancee, Kim Carlson, were out of the house, Dwight went upstairs to find the rest of the family's pets.

Breath of life: Firefighter Jared Thompson (left) helps as Jamie Giese (right) attempts to give the dog Coda mouth-to-nose resuscitation

Using their skills: Firefighters Jared Thompson (L) and Jamie Giese (R) carry Coda off to give him and oxygen mask before going to two vet hospitals

The family's cats, named Lavender and Mocha, and a friend's yellow Labrador called Coda that they were taking care of were all still missing in the house, but the smoke was too overwhelming for Dwight so he ran outside.

The fire was reported around 4.00pm and fire fighters found Coda sitting on a rocking chair, probably in shock, in the room where the fire is thought to have started.

Firefighters were photographed carrying a limp Coda that wasn't breathing out of the burning house.

As well as perfroming mouth-to snout they also splashed his soot-covered fur with water and later used an oxygen mask to bring life back to the pet.

Happy ending: Coda was just staying with the family whose house caught fire as his owners, friends of the family, were out of town

'It was all improvised,' Mr Giese said.

Thankfully, the quick-thinking worked: Coda was taken to two different pet hospitals and stayed in the latter overnight to recover.

All ends well in this rescue, as Mocha and Lavender were found in the basement unharmed, presumably scampering down there to avoid danger.

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