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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eyes bigger than his stomach: Alligator chomps on police car


Confused: Here's the moment a 10ft long alligator chomped its teeth into the bumper of a police patrol car in Alachua County, Florida

A fearless alligator bit off more than it could chew - when it tried taking a bite out of a police car.

The 10 foot long beast clamped its powerful jaws on the front bumper and refused to let go.

Video footage captured the alligator holding on to the bumper as the car slowly reverses away.

Eventually, it lets go and the gator was captured by a licensed trapper.

The confrontation took place in Gainesville, Florida, when a householder called 911 to report the alligator wandering around a residential neighbourhood.

Sheriff's deputy Victor Borrero responded to the call, and was confronted by the alligator.

He remained in his car while the animal tried to take a bite out his bumper.
The alligator had wandered into the residential area from Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.

Police said no one was injured and the officer's car suffered damage to the front bumper.

Alligator attacks Police car

source: dailymail


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