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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A cat's-eye view of life: Feline snapper takes photography world by storm


The feline photographer: Pictures taken by the timer-operated camera worn by Cooper the cat have sold for hundreds of pounds

Ever wonder what the cat gets up to when you let it out? Well, now you know, thanks to the amazing Cooper - the feline photographer.

This moggy multimedia expert's exploits have been shedding light on the six-inch high world of cats.

Fitted with a timer-operated camera on his collar Cooper takes a picture every two minutes capturing everything from a cat's eye view.

On his exploits he catches other cats, his favourite hiding places, his human owners and even abstract sky shots all on his lens.

Making an entrance: In this picture Cooper prepares to venture out from his leafy hiding place

In one hilarious snap the moment he mocks a dog trapped behind the glass of someone's front porch is taken with almost human-like humour.

And now five-year-old Cooper is the cat who's got the cream as feline enthusiasts around the world have been lapping up his framed photos for as much as £200 a time.
Cooper's owner Michael Cross and his wife Deirdre, from Seattle, USA, decided to try out the cat camera last year.

Since then they have had two exhibitions and starting selling Cooper's work around the world

The pictures even solved a problem for Cooper after his owners saw pictures of him constantly looking at the back door - they realised he needed a cat flap.

Competition? Cooper's camera captures the latest addition to the family, baby Cameron. The Cross family plan to use a similar neck camera on their new son

Mr Cross, 32, said: 'When we first thought of putting a camera on Cooper it was simply to try to find an answer to the question that all cat owners ask: "Where does my cat go all day?"

'A geography experiment, really. We hoped that he didn't cross busy streets or go into neighbours' houses.

'When Cooper brought the camera home at the end of the first day, we were completely blown away by the stunning photography.'

Hit photographer: Michael and Deirdre Cross with Cooper the cat and some of his successful snaps

'Suddenly we no longer cared about exactly where he went, because just getting a glimpse of the beautiful images that fill Cooper's day made us realise how wonderfully lush our neighbourhood is from a cat's perspective.

'It's truly amazing to be able to see the world from a cat's perspective.

'Seeing the neighbourhood from six inches off the ground is something humans aren't used to, and it is exciting to see what cats see when people aren't around.'

Welcome to my exhibition: Cooper wears his collar-cam as his photos are put on display

Cooper now has more than 12,000 fans on the social networking site Facebook and has made TV appearances in America.

Cooper on Must Love Cats

source: dailymail, photographercat


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