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Monday, May 2, 2011

Can you see me? The pygmy seahorse who likes to blend in with the crowd


Seeing red: This bright photograph of a tiny red pygmy seahorse hiding against red choral taken by Michael Gallagher won first prize in the 'macro' or close up category of the competition

It might take a closer look to figure out what the creatures are.

But these remarkable images are the winners of a prestigious worldwide underwater photography competition for amateurs.

Briton Michael Gallagher scooped first place in his category for a stunning image of a minuscule red pygmy seahorse.

Aquatic: Barracuda in the Sudanese Red Sea were snapped by Jackie Campbell while this beautiful shot of a frog perfectly reflected on the surface of a lake was taken by Luc Rooman in Belguim

As a master of camouflage, the tiny creature can barely be seen against the red coral it uses to hide from predators.

Other incredible images taken by non-professionals around the world - all shot over the past year - include the comical cartoon face of a webbed burrfish snapped by Susan Mears, from Florida, at Lake Worth Lagoon in Riviera Beach, Florida.

To qualify all of the entrants had to earn no more than 20 per cent of their earnings through photography.

Fluorescent: The magnificent colours of a Nudibranch creature stand out against the dark background in Tarragona, Spain, in this second-place photograph by Jordi Benitez

Murky depths: Groups of cuttlefish mate in waters around Holland. The picture was taken by Luc Rooman and won first place in the wide-angle category

The Annual Underwater Photography Contest is hosted by the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami, Florida.

A panel of experts at this year's 2011 event judged more than 600 photos from 20 countries.

Awards were given in three categories, Macro, Fish or Marine Animal Portrait, Wide Angle, and Best Overall submission.

source :dailymail


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