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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What big teeth you have! The remarkable up-close pictures of wild foxes play-fighting and hunting

By Daily Mail Reporter

Eyeball-to-eyeball: Amateur photographer Erik Tamis has captured this intimate picture of two foxes up close

An amateur photographer has captured these intimate pictures of a family of wild foxes playfighting and hunting, after years gaining their trust.

They are so comfortable with Erik Tamis that he has been able to get close enough to photograph them as they work, rest and play.

The 47-year-old waits in dunes for up to 12 hours so he can capture their day-to-day activities.

Security guard Erik has photographed them fighting, playing, hunting and one time even managed to snap an image of a fox up a tree.

The foxes have become so relaxed around him that occasionally they will go up to him in order to steal his bag.

Spending time in close proximity to them, he has been able to establish the hierarchical structure. The family is made up of two parents and a son and daughter.

Erik, from Amsterdam, Holland, said: 'The foxes get so close to me it's just a matter of being in the right place and waiting for them to go hunting.

Play fight: Two foxes wrestle together, allowing Erik to get close after he built up a level of trust with the animals. They are kept in an Amsterdam nature reserve

It's large fleshy pink tongue sticking out, this orange fox drinks from the water at the Amsterdam reserve. The family is made up of an adult and two children

'I enjoy photographing them because although some people don't agree with me, they're a beautiful animal.

'Their behaviour is amazing. I had no idea foxes could climb trees and was stunned when I witnessed it happen.

'They are very playful and will often try to run off with my bag.

'Other people like to take photos of them, too. But they give them dog food in order to get up close, I've never had to do that and they hunt well enough without my help.

'I find it relaxing and sometimes I will go to photograph them from sunrise to sunset.

'Some people don't like foxes, but I've never had a problem with them, they've never tried to attack me.'

Erik took the photos at a nature reserve in Amsterdam.

He added: 'I respect the foxes and let them do their own thing. They are beautiful creatures and deserve more publicity.'

Family squabble: Security guard Erik has photographed them fighting, playing and hunting

Smile... Erik built up trust the pack and sometimes sits waiting for them for up to 12 hours before he can take a picture



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