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Monday, April 25, 2011

They're so sweet: Meet Milky Way, Mars, Flake, Mini egg, Yorkie and Cadbury... the abandoned puppies named after chocolate

By Daily Mail Reporter

Fun: Mini Egg the Jack Russell plays with his namesake. Staff at the centre decided to name the abandoned pup and his pals after different chocolates in celebration of Easter

These six abandoned Jack Russell puppies have all been named after chocolate Easter eggs.

Mini egg, Flake, Mars, Milky Way, Yorkie and Cadbury spent the day playing with empty Easter egg boxes with their names on.

But staff were careful to make sure the playful six-week-old puppies didn't get hold of any chocolate - because it would only take 50g of plain chocolate to kill them.

Chris Slight, of the Dogs Trust centre in Evesham, Gloucester, said the puppies were given the boxes because they were 'full of beans' and added that they all needed a good home.

'They're typical Jack Russell Terriers with busy minds and bodies, so we've been finding ways to keep them entertained,' he said.

'Empty Easter egg boxes are proving to be a massive hit but they can't have the chocolate. They're happy to clamber in and out of the boxes and play peekaboo.'

He added that the puppies were all looking for new homes with owners who would look after them during the day and help continue with their training.

Chocolate contains the chemical theobromine, which is extremely toxic to man's best friend and can cause chocolate poisoning.

This can lead to serious health complications and even death for dogs.

Chris Laurence, Dogs Trust Veterinary Director, warned: 'If your egg is missing and you suspect the dog as the culprit, look out for any of the following symptoms; vomiting containing blood, a sore tummy, excessive thirst, excitability, drooling, slow heart rate and in the later stages, epileptic-type fits.

'If your dog is displaying any of these signs then take him immediately to your vet. The good news is that if caught early enough the symptoms of theobromine poisoning can be treated.'

He added that many pet stores stocked good ranges of tasty treat alternatives to Easter eggs - including chews and tripe sticks.

Anyone who would like to give a puppy a home this Easter should contact Dogs Trust Evesham on 01386 830613.

Puppy love: Donna Neville, 23, and Vicki Gear, 28, will care for the pups until they are able to find a good home for them



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