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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here's looking at me: Birds snapped staring at their own reflections in garden pond

By Daily Mail Reporter

These extraordinary pictures of humble garden birds and their reflections are the result of months of patience by one British photographer.

Paul Sawer went to great lengths to snap his awe-inspiring pictures which capture the birds in breath-taking detail.

The 39-year-old, who has been photographing British wildlife for 20 years, began his project in January this year.

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He spent days building his own pond with strategically placed branches, rocks and wire, and setting up his camera equipment.

Since then Paul, who works as a butcher, has spent hours waiting for the perfect shot and his patience certainly appears to have paid off.

His unusual collection shows a variety of birds from the humble blue tit to the robin in a mesmerising light.

Balanced expertly on branches and wire, the feathered creatures can be seen dipping their beaks in the pond to take a drink or pluck at a floating feather.

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And as they near the water's surface, their reflections are revealed with stunning clarity.

In some cases the image is so clear, it appears as if one bird becomes two.

Paul, who lives in Saxmundham, Suffolk, said: 'British wildlife, particularly birds, is a particular passion of mine.

'There's an incredible variety of shapes, sizes and plumage and they're all around us.

''I'd had the idea of capturing the reflections of birds for a long time. I like the way they add another dimension to photographs.

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'My project for the spring was to try to get images of garden birds with their reflections near my home.

'I had to make the pond, which took the best part of two days, and I also spent time perfecting the lighting.

'I included all sorts of props for the birds to use, from moss-covered rocks to branches and wire.

'It was very exciting watching them balancing above the water. The blue and great tits were particularly agile.

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'I kept lifting the branch higher and they stretched themselves out to their full height, with their legs completely straight.

'I'm very proud of the pictures I've taken, I think they represent my best work so far.

'Some people who have seen them have said the pictures are so clear it's as if two birds are looking at each other.

'I think they are something quite original, I've never seen anything like it before.'



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