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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Forget leap frog, I'm getting a piggyback! The lazy amphibian who hitched a lift with a goldfish

By Daily Mail Reporter

Lazy: This frog was too tired to swim across the pond... so hitched a lift on board a passing fish

A gardener was stunned when he found a frog getting a piggyback from a goldfish in his pond.

Pensioner Tony Butler rushed for his camera and captured the pair gliding across the water in his garden in Paignton, Devon.

He snapped a picture of the bizarre scene and then used a net to haul both out of the pond and separated them because he was worried the fish may be injured.

Hop on: Surprised owner Tony Butler thinks the frog hopped its way into the garden in search of a mate

Mr Butler, 75, and his wife Joyce have two ponds at their home in South Devon, one for fish and one for newts and toads.

He thinks the frog had hopped its way into the garden and moved to the wrong pond in search of a mate.

Mr Butler said: 'I had heard the frog croaking for a fortnight before this happened so I guess he was looking for a mate.

'I went to look at the pond and saw it on top of my biggest goldfish.



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