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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The fall-guy: Amazing escape of jockey and horse after tumble at Aintree


They say to expect the unexpected at Aintree. And one jockey yesterday found out exactly what that meant.

Will Kennedy had an amazing escape as he and his horse Pickamus dramatically fell at the infamous Becher’s Brook.

The 50-1 shot had been going well when he clipped the top of the famous fence and came crashing down to the turf.

The jockey landed clear of his mount but his troubles were far from over.

Another horse, Calusa Caldera, which had unseated its rider at a previous fence, failed to conquer Becher’s and landed on top of the unfortunate Kennedy.

Fortunately both horses and jockey escaped unscathed.

Where did that come from? The riderless Calusa Caldera lands on top of the helpless jockey

Things look bad: Spectators fear the worst as Kennedy lies beneath the horse

Signs of life: The jockey rolls clear of Calusa Caldera

Kennedy said: ‘It was a heavy fall and I was feeling a bit jarred afterwards although I’m a lot better now.

‘Unfortunately, I’m at Bangor tomorrow, not Aintree, but a couple of winners would make me feel better.’

Happy ending: Pickamus on its feet

source: dailymail


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