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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bizarre rescue of lamb after passer-by hears bleating... coming from inner city WHEELIE BIN


Luck escape: The white lamb is recovering at a community farm having been found dumped in a wheelie bin

When a woman was filmed dropping a tabby cat into a wheelie bin, animal-lovers were justifiably horrified.

But, in an even more bizarre case, a white lamb has been found dumped in a wheelie bin in a street in Manchester.

The alarm was raised by district nurse Gillian Powell when she heard a noise from the container while making a call on a patient.

Found: The unappealing street in Levenshulme, south of Manchester where the lamb was dumped is far removed from rural fields where he would be more at home

She called colleague Georgina Holmes, who was in a health centre round the corner in Heaton Moor.

‘She was anxious about opening the bin because she didn’t know what she’d find,’ said Mrs Holmes.

‘I went straight over to meet her. We couldn’t believe it when we lifted the lid. The last thing we expected to see was a lamb.’

The two nurses lifted the frightened animal out and wrapped him in a blanket before ringing the police and RSPCA.

They then took the lamb to the nearby Shore Fold Community Farm to wait for animal welfare officers. RSPCA inspector Caroline Hall said: ‘Obviously it’s not every day a lamb is found dumped in a wheelie bin.

Friends: RSPCA Inspector Caroline Hill cuddles the adorable young lamb at the sanctuary where he is being cared for

‘As you’d imagine, the lamb’s discovery caused a lot of interest among people in the area and we’re very grateful to them for everything they did to help. Who knows what would have happened otherwise.’

The lamb, believed to be just a month old, has been checked by a vet. He was uninjured and healthy, apart from a slight ulceration to an eye, for which he is being treated.

He has yet to be given a name, but is being looked after by an RSPCA foster carer and being bottle fed.

He will be found a long-term home on a community farm. The lamb had had his tail docked and been castrated, as is common for males.

The RSPCA wants to speak to a man seen in the street just minutes before the animal was found on Monday. Inspector Hall said: ‘He was driving a light blue Audi, thought to be an A4 or A6.

Spring in his step: The young lamb, who is yet to be named, enjoys the open fields and fresh air before he is found a long term home

Wrapping up warm: The lamb might be a little worn down from his ordeal, but while wrapped in a blanket he enjoyed supping milk from a bowl

Looking for a home: The lamb, which has to be bottle-fed, is now being looked after on a farm and it is hoped he will be fostered as a pet

For the chop? It is suspected the lamb was stolen to be sold for meat but was considered too young to be useful and was dumped

‘The model name had been replaced by the word Robert or something similar.’

Last August, Mary Bale, 45, became a hate figure when she was filmed on CCTV dropping Lola the cat, four, into a bin in Coventry.

She was fined just £250 for causing unnecessary suffering after a judge ruled the public vilification was punishment enough.

source: dailymail


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