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Thursday, March 10, 2011

When boars attack: Terrified shoppers flee from crazed creature on rampage in shopping centre

By Ian Sparks

Rampage: The boar ran amok in a shopping arcade in the city of Nancy, France, before finally being brought down by a tranquiliser dart (red arrow in its flank)

A crazed wild boar wreaked havoc when it went on the rampage in a shopping centre in France.

The ten-stone 'hairy pig' with pointed tusks charged into a supermarket through a service entrance, smashing through product displays and sending shoppers fleeing in panic.

The animal then burst through a checkout, along a shopping arcade and into a hairdressing salon in Nancy, Lorraine.

As customers ran to safety, security men managed to trap the boar inside and lock the door.

Knocked out: The boar slumps on the floor after the sedative finally worked through its system

The beast then 'smashed everything in sight' in the salon at the commercial centre of Nancy on Tuesday, eye-witnesses revealed.

The shopping centre's security chief Gregory Gobin said: 'Once the boar realised it was cornered it went berserk.

'It tore sinks from the walls, ripped and trampled the furniture and sent hair products flying in all directions.

'The room was devastated and the entire damage caused by the animal will run into tens of thousands of euros.'

The boar was locked inside the salon for an hour before a vet was called who shot it with a tranquilliser dart.

A fire service spokesman at the scene added: 'It is likely this animal strayed into the supermarket from fields nearby where there is a population of boars. It will probably now be put down.'

Extreme measures: A security man readies a rifle loaded with a tranquiliser after being called to the shopping centre



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