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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What are moo doing here? Bemused cows look on as seal swims 50 miles inland to say hello

By Daily Mail Reporter

What just happened? The cows watch on as the seal, which had travelled 50 miles upriver, beats a retreat after paying them a visit

They probably don't get many visitors. So these cows were no doubt a little curious when a stranger appeared in their field.

Unfortunately, it seems, the seal didn't share their desire for a quick tete-a-tete.

The visitor did its best to frighten them off before disappearing back into the water.

But the cows couldn't resist one last look at the stranger who had disrupted their peace and quiet.

The seal had travelled 50 miles upriver before flipping itself up onto the bank of a tiny brook off the Great Ouse

However, when the herd went to investigate the intruder it lunged towards them, frightening them away, before sliding back into the river.

The encounter in a field in Holywell, Cambridgeshire, was caught on camera by retired engineer Doug Scott, who lives nearby.

Keen wildlife photographer Mr Scott, 72, said: 'When I looked out of the window I saw the seal just staring at the cows.

'At one point it lunged towards them and frightened them off a bit. But then it just kept swimming around before swimming off along the brook towards the main river.

'It was curious about the cows and curious about me, but it stayed and let me take pictures of it.

'It must have travelled at least 50 or 60 miles to get to my garden. I haven't seen it since Sunday, so it must have swam back.'

Stranger: The seal made sure the cows didn't get too close before slipping back into the water and swimming away

It is thought the seal entered the Great Ouse at the mouth of the river near King's Lynn, Norfolk, before its long swim upstream.

Animal expert Bev Cosse, of the Norfolk-based Seal and Bird Rescue Trust, revealed it is not unusual for seals to travel along rivers.

She said: 'They can travel unbelievable distances and you would be amazed where they can get.'



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