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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That's snow business! Adorable panda plays up to the cameras as she goes literally head-over-heels for the fake flurry

By Daily Mail Reporter

That's snow business: Playful panda Su Lin put on a show for animal lovers when she rolled around in the false snow at San Diego Zoo in California today

Some might say she was pandering to the cameras.

But this playful young panda bear had a roll lot of fun as she enjoyed the albeit false snow today.

At one point, little Su Lin even made a crumpled snow ball with one of her paws that looked like she might have tossed mischievously at adoring spectators.

The bear gave up trying to crush the snow into a hard ball and played rolly-polly down a nearby slope.

The black and white bear enjoyed fun and games during the annual spraying of fake snow over the panda habitat in the normally-warm San Siego Zoo in California.

Designed to give the panda's a taste of life in the wild back home in China, cheeky Su Lin made the most of the iced conditions with her antics.

'Su Lin went wild for the snow," said Karl Drilling, a zoo visitor from Temecula, California. 'She was sliding down slopes in her habitat, moving the snow around. She even stuck her tongue out like a toddler and looked like she was smiling at one point.

Feeling at home: The fake snow in the usually warm California climate is designed to give the panda's a taste of life in their natural habitat in China

Ice cool: Su Lin went head-over-heels for the snow and had her own game of rolly-polly down a small slope

'The zoo does it annually as a treat for the pandas. And Su Lin most definitely made the most out of it.'

Part of a breeding exchange programme between San Diego and Bifengxia Panda Base in China, five-year-old Su Lin is the daughter of San Diego Zoo's famous dad Gao Gao - the U.S.'s only active breeding male.

'He has fathered four panda's since he arrived in San Diego in 2003,' Mr Drilling said. 'Su Lin was his second and definitely his naughtiest.'

The critically endangered species benefits from breeding exchanges similar to the one that exists between San Diego and Bifengxia.

'Bringing pandas to America for breeding lets the public sees these incredible creatures and also raised their awareness of their numbers,' Mr Drilling explained.

'Their preservation is the most important thing here so more pandas like Su Line can enjoy their days like she can.'



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