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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The ultimate in puppy love! Great Dane gives birth to litter of SEVENTEEN

By Daily Mail Reporter

Exhausted: The three-day-old pups are being nursed by their mother Hania as well as another Great Dane and their breeder

This Great Dane has her work cut out after she gave birth to 17 puppies.

Gazing adoringly at the camera, four-year-old Hania feeds her puppies around the clock to ensure they don't go hungry.

The tiny pups, pictured at only three-days old, have to scramble and fight one another off to make sure they get their fair share of milk.

And to make sure none of them are left without food their breeder, Gabriela Kubalska, helps to nurse the litter and has drafted in the help of another female Great Dane.

Their exhausted mother and the brood take up the entire ground floor of their owner's house which is located in Warsaw, Poland.

The whimpering pedigree pups, eight male and nine female, were born by Cesarean section at a veterinary clinic near their home.

Ms Kubalska decided to spare her prized pedigree dog the pain of a long labour - especially since this is her first litter.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback in Germany also hit the headlines last September when she also gave birth to 17 puppies.

The puppies were born by Cesarean section at a clinic nearby their home in Warsaw, Poland



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